Sales Skills – Assessment and Training

It’s all about the numbers. Or is it?

As a sales manager, you probably feel a variety of pressures—from your competitors, your Board of Directors, and your desire to excel. Relieving these sales performance challenges requires more than simply meeting your quotas this quarter. It requires hitting your sales goals consistently—quarter over quarter and year over year.  The key to reaching that objective is your people—discovering their strengths, finding out where they need help, improving their skills, and motivating them to perform at their full potential. Armed with this information, you can give your sales team the knowledge they need to succeed by:

  • Improving individual performance 
  • Increasing sales team productivity
  • Reaching predictable, sustainable sales results
  • Growing professionally within your company

Targeted assessment. Targeted development. Targeted results.

At Management Development Group, Ltd., we offer a unique combination of proven proprietary services that help you take control of sales performance on an individual, group, and organizational level. Our services include:

  • Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)—Providing accurate statistical data that mirrors your organizational structure and lets you see exactly where you strengths are today—individual, team, and company-wide—and identify areas for growth.
  • Customer-Focused Selling™—Delivering the training your team needs to perform at the highest level. Based on the information we learn in the SSAT, combined with an understanding of your specific goals, we can target a development program designed to produce the immediate improvement you want.
  • Predictive Index® System—Providing your sales managers with the motivational and behavioral insights they need to support, guide and coach their people—as well as ensure that their new skills are applied—to improve day-to-day performance and facilitate long-term success.

People Smart. Results Driven®




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