Keeping the Global Food Supply Moving

Meaden & Moore provides expert counsel to insurers in resolving claims across the global food supply chain. 
Whether it is the plantations in Central America or domestic food processors, our dedicated Investigative Accounting Group has been there to assist insurers. 
Meaden & Moore provides expert counsel in insurance claim evaluation services for:
Product Liability/Recall Claims – When the industry has called upon our team of experts to evaluate product liability and product recall claims, Meaden & Moore has effectively used its resources to assess the most complex of claims such as:
• Large scale product recalls including multiple locations and claimants
• Detailed cost analysis
• Product tracing of the contaminated product through the supply chain
• Measuring damages in niche areas
First Party Property Claims – Meaden & Moore has been engaged over the years to assist in measuring time element and other financial damages related to first party property claims ranging from the thousands of dollars to over $100 million.
Contact us today and we’ll assemble an advisory team especially for you with the tools and expertise you need to meet your needs.


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